What We Do

At Thedush we take a pragmatic approach to the design and development of complex autonomous systems. Our multi-disciplinary team operates within the bounds of what's technically feasible while ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality throughout your project. By keeping our efforts nimble and highly collaborative we are able to integrate design, problem-solving, requirements tracking, and life cycle integration in a way that facilitates fast learning through rapid iterations.

Significance Of Cleaning Robot

Dry and Wet wash

We offer you both dry and wet wash depending on your environment and the dust you encounter everyday.

User Interface

Our product is easy to use and handle.It is easy to install in any kind of environments.Mapping is done using our effective user interface.


We offer free service for two years.We have a maintenance team you can connect at any time.

Increasing Productivity

Say us the area,surface,the number of employees and the environment,we will offer you the accurate version and provide you the Return On Investment chart.